Antec 500w psu gtx560 compatible?

Hey guys,

Planning to buy a new desktop computer, just want to make sure the gfx card is compatible with the psu.

Psu- antec 500w
Gfx - gtx560
Processor- i5 3470

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    Yep it will be fine. Antec has a reputation for high quality power supplies as well and are one of the brands I trust and recommend.
  2. it will probably work, assuming its moderately new, and you have the sufficient cabling for it.
  3. any of the 500 watt antec PSUs are made by either seasonic(2) or FSP(1); both excellent OEMs and quality that far exceeds good.

    you're good to go.
  4. Thanks guys. Didnt want to blow up the house with my new toy :p
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