Using a 2nd router as an access point

I have two routers, one is NETGEAR with the MACINTOSH computer and the other is LINKSYS wireless G...what I want to do is make the the LINKSYS router an access point for my network and need to know how to do so.
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  1. I just did this, and it was relatively easy:

    Take your Netgear router and change the wireless channel to 1 or 6 or 11, whichever gives the best signal in your home.
    Take your Linksys router, disable DHCP, assign it a high static IP address on your network like X.X.X.100, and set the wireless settings to the EXACT same settings (SSID, pass phrase, security, etc.) as for the Netgear router, EXCEPT choose a different channel, either 1, 6, or 11.
    Then install it at the second location, connecting it to the first with an Ethernet cable connected to one of the regular ports in the Linksys, NOT the WAN port. This effectively disables routing.
    Now connect to the admin page to insure it is set up properly.

    That should be it!
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