GTX 480 3 way SLI power question

I have 2 480's right now in SLI and love them. The 480's are down to 250 bucks now and was thinking about picking up a third one for 3 way SLI. I'm not sure if my PSU can handle it, although the PSU specs boasts 4 way SLI certified. Here is my PSU:

My specs currently are:

CPU: I7 950
GPU: 2x 480's (maybe 3)
RAM: 8 gigs DDR3 1366
HDD: 1 solid state boot and two normal HDD's for storage
OS: W7 64 bit
Case: Cm Storm trooper ATX full tower

Do you think I can support 3 way SLI? My case has plenty of room. I know the 480's are power hungry heat making machines so I thought I would ask. Thank you for any advice you can give :)
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  1. You would need more pci-e power cables; one 8 pin and a 6 pin. The only way you could do this is with adapters.
  2. Thats ok I have enough molex's free with adapters. So you think the PSU could handle it?
  3. I don't really recommend that option. GTX 480 is a very high power consuming card, and guru3d did a nice review with this.

    It states that it consumes 1009 watt of power, which your PSU will probably not be enough, in my opinion you'll be better when you get a new GTX 680 by selling your old GTX 480's, or get a PSU this strong:

    Which adds big cost, almost the same as your GTX 480.
  4. Thanks for the links, Ill have to think about it :)
  5. Xyos said:
    Thanks for the links, Ill have to think about it :)

    As someone who has 2 X GTX 480's in SLI I have seen my setup hit 975 watts in Furmark. In stuff like Seti it is hitting 750 watts. I would say no way on an 800 watt power supply with 3 GTX 480's.
  6. Sorry to bump from the grave but will this harm any components if I try 3 cards with my current PSU? My power supply specs say 1080W under load so I was just wondering.

    Thank you in advance :)
  7. Normally if you don't have enough power the system will just BSOD or shut down. It shouldn't harm anything if you don't let it sit there and keep doing that.
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