6950 In Crossfire. Randomly Fans 100% and Crash

So this is an issue I've been dealing with I think since I purchased these cards. I rarely post on forums because I can usually find my answer but this problem has always given me trouble. I've narrowed the issue down to a few things I think it could be but there are some many different variables to the problem I'm having trouble narrowing it down due to my inexperience and lack of knowledge.

The issue
The problem is that my system crashes consistently under a number of variables. Currently what happens when it crashes is the screen goes black my GPU fans blast to 100% and I need to restart. The computer most of the time will restart itself. However, originally the screen would blue screen with 100% fans. Also, at another point in time the fans would kick to 100% but my screen would be fine and could continue to use the computer for a few mins, but then crash restart. I believe these variations correlate to when I update drivers. Which brings me to another related problem. At some point in time I began to have trouble updating my drivers. When I would get to the end of driver installation it would say fail. When i looked at the error log it says that Display drivers were unsuccessful. I use driver sweeper and still have the issue. After trying several times I usually get the install to go but I will have the yellow triangle with "!" which tells me it completed but there was problems. I look at the log and no issues. In anycase Im going to update my drivers soon and give you the results and what it takes to do it. Anyways getting back to the main problem. It occurs at various points in time rarely during gaming, but if ive been gaming its likely to happen soon after. The weird thing is if clear CMOS and then redo all my clockings and run the computer it will run several days without any issues(my computer is on almost 24/7). However, once it goes after restart it might crash imediatly or within 24 hrs. The comp might be idle when it crashes or usually Im on the web and like java or flash stuff tend to be running when it crashes. One time it would crash everytime I tried to load the capital one website and I believe its happened before with other websites. I think that sums up the issue for the most part.

My system
Ultra (x3 i believe) 1000w atx
2 X saphire 6950 2g reflashed to 6970 (8 months old)
Gigabyte x58a-ud3r V1 (25 months old)
i7 920 @ 4.2 (25 months old)
Thermalright ultra -120 extreme rt 1366 Rev C
6GB g.skill 240 pin DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) TRiple channel (25 months old)

Background info
Originally I had Diamond 5770 in CF which ran fine but at that point I was having issues with my comp recognizing my memory I would get the old 4 gb of 6 usuable. This was a very common problem and also spent alot of time trying to solve it. It was weird because if I wiggled my heat sink and then turned on the computer it would us all 6gb. However, when I checked my cpu or socket for the bent pin everything was fine. It was a while ago and sadly I am foggy on details. It went a way when I sent my motherboard in on warranty to be check they said it was fine flashed it to F5 and sent back. The worst part is before I got it back I had already sold my 5770s and got the 6950. So although from then on I never had issues with the memory im not entirely sure why.

Im trying to think of what else I can add. I have set my overclocking to stock settings and still have the issue. Ive adjusted my volts to the North and south bridge, which at first I thought worked. I've Increased Volts to cpu to try and bring up stability. I ran single cards which did appear to work, but obviously that doesn't help if I want crossfire. Ive done alot so just ask or suggest and I will tell you. o yeah just remembered one of the cards is adapted from the 6 pin to a molex, but just one of the connectors.

What I think it is
Based on my expeirnces I believe it could have to do with my PSU beginning to fail or bad connections or something. Or maybe my motherboard or CPU r starting to get old and failing. I mean like I said my comp runs all the time and its been at 4.2 for over 2 years. My vcore was 1.325 originally but as time has gone on Ive had to increase it to maintain stability. Now its at 1.365. Ok i cant think of anything else, but Im sure once I submit i will.

Thanks so much for your help and so this so long.
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  1. Hmm. First off I do suggest trouble shooting at stock CPU and RAM clocks. Just eliminates an issue there - although you should do thorough testing on those anyway just to be sure they are not an issue. Try Intel Burn Test if you haven't used that before.

    For the GPUs have you tried stress testing them in Furmark or Kombustor? Also you might want to do that with just 1 card installed, then switch to the other. The issue could definitely be a bad GPU.

    Not to mention you flashed your 6950s to 6970s. That does not always work. 6970s as I understand it run the memory at different timings which are often unstable on a 6950. And even if all you did is unlock the shaders, there's still a chance the shaders themselves are bad.
  2. I have run stock cpu and ram settings and still had the issue. I usually do Linx and 3dmark to stress test for stability. temps are relatively fine.

    I have used furmark to stress test the GPU. No problems there. Temps fine and no crashing. Did it with each card individual and again no probs.

    As for the flashing glad you brought that up I forgot to say that I only reflashed them in the last month or so. I ran them stock originally. In anycase done furmark, 3d mark, heaven dx11 to stress test it since and again no problems.
  3. Ok...

    Do you have any overclocking on the cards? Or even if not, any programs that could OC them? For example MSI Afterburner or maybe you enabled Overdrive in CCC?

    Also, when you install your drivers, do you do it like this:
  4. I dont have any overclocking on the cards, but I do run Saphire trixx. I only use it to control the fans because otherwise my fans never seem to go above like 30% or whatever the idle fan speed is. Using furmark i have def confirmed that.

    Yes I do my driver install like that. Im gonna update drivers now Ill tell you how it goes. I believe Ihave issues installing my drivers sometimes when I use driver sweeper.
  5. o also CCC Overdrive is not enabled.
  6. Oh, there is something. An older version of Driver Sweeper removed important files. I ran into this error when installing Win 7 SP1 and managed to fix it. It's possible that in the past it happened to you.

    You might also want to try a clean Windows install.
  7. Ok now we are getting somewhere this could be it I will check it out and let you know. Thanks

    Ive reinstalled windows before still with this issue.
  8. Ok so first I installed the new drivers. I tried to do 12.3 from the amd website but when i unpack the file it says "installer integrity fail bla bla bla". So I went to the sapphire website and all they had was 12.2 but at least it worked. However, the installation went as always but completed with the yellow triangle and it actually has a "?" not a !. In any case the log file shows no errors. Then I looked into what u suggested after reading it I realized that since I have already re installed windows 7 since the issue started what ever files I might have deleted would have been re installed. In addition since I re installed windows the files were not in backup. In any case I tried it using the files they supplied. Restore worked but when I restarted trixx kept telling me that I need to disable ULPS to do overclocking. I no I don't use the overclocking feature, but I still don't like this annoying message to I tried to do this but the program wouldn't disable it. Then i tried using an automated ULPS disable no luck. Then I went to regedit and disabled it manually and still it didn't work. Finally I just used system restore so now I'm back to CCC 12.1.
  9. O also I re installed drivers they way you suggested with one addition. After uninstalling I restart in safe mode and then run driver sweeper.
  10. Ok So just an update I purchased a new PSU because I went on the amd website and it said that my PSU is not certified to run 2 6950. So in desperation I bought a new one. I dont think this will solve the problem but will give it a shot.
  11. So far the new PSU seems to have made my comp stable. Ive had it in for almost two days and no crashes so far and I have been trying to make it crash. However, sometimes it takes a couple days. So Im trying not to get my hopes up.
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