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Should I get a used 6xxx series GPU for now?

Hey everyone. Since the GTX 680, the card I want, is out of stock, should I get a used 6xxx series AMD or a used 5xx series NVIDIA GPU for now? Anyone know of a good deal for any of those last generation cards? Thanks all.
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    Well that depends on what your using now and how badly you need a video card......I don't see any point in buying a used video card because the one you want is out of stock.

    The GTX680 was a paper launch to hold people from buying HD7XXX series gpu's. It worked, but now everyone that decided not to buy HD7XXX and go for GTX6XX is out of luck and out of stock while there are plenty of HD7XXX cards available. They should have postponed launch until they had sufficient stock.

    It was a trick tactic by Nvidia that will end up backfiring on them because now people have no choice but to buy HD7XXX or GTX5XX.

    I guess it was better than Nvidia's GTX4XX (fermi) "launching soooooooooooon" campaign wood screws included.
  2. The prices haven't really dropped on the prev gen cards much.

    What's your goal? buy a gpu to play on for a month or two until the 680 comes out? What would be your budget? Could you get away with playing on low - med settings for those few months?

    A 5670 or 6670 would let you play any game (on med-low settings) and only cost you around ~90 bucks. Here's one on newegg:

    edit: in the long run it'd be cheaper just to shell out the $100 premium they're going for on ebay:
  3. My budget for now would be $300. The reason I have decided on this is because I can just get the GTX 680 when the supplies are higher, like in May or June. I would be ok with med settings I suppose, but I prefer high, so that is why I would like a 560ti or higher for NVIDIA or a Radeon 6870 or higher for AMD. I found a deal for $245 for a new 560ti 448 core, but I was wondering if I could get a better deal somehow.
  4. If the 680 was out now would you buy it? Because $300 + $500 is alot more than the $600-$650 you can get it for on ebay.
  5. slicedtoad said:
    If the 680 was out now would you buy it? Because $300 + $500 is alot more than the $600-$650 you can get it for on ebay.

    This is true, but still $600-650, I would wait or go for a pair of 7850 2GB's for $500.
  6. I plan to sell the card once the GTX 680 is back in stock.
  7. Any ideas?
  8. I think you'll be waiting awhile, this was a paper launch.
  9. I know it was a paper launch. That is why I am asking for good deals on a 6950/6970/560ti/570.
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