Wireless Router trouble reconnecting devices

Hello All, thanks for reading my post.

There used to be a "linksys" router here when I moved in about a year ago. Wireless internet would be working fine, then I would close my laptop, open it up a little later & internet would not work (while the internet would be working on other machines, especially the ones that stayed online browsing). Reconnecting would be troublesome & never work without router reset, sometimes it would say limited connectivity. Same thing sporadically occurred with my iPhone & everybody else's laptops/phones.

Simple temporary solution though. I'd reset the router then it would allow the machine to reconnect normally every single time. So I recently went out & bought a "Belkin Surf N300" router. Same exact problems are taking place. It's super annoying having to reset the router almost everyday to get my iPhone or PS3 to reconnect.

In total there are 4 pple here with probably 7 devices total that are constantly disconnecting & reconnecting to the the wireless router, such as: PS3, smart phones, & many laptops. Could that have anything to do with it?

Any help ?? I appreciate anything anyone can offer to help solve this problem. thank you
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  1. From a laptop walk around to the locations that the drops are happening, refresh the wireless networks and how many access points are close to you? What channel are they running on, and what channel are you running on? If anyone is running on the same channel as you, change your channel to what ever is free. You do not want to be running on the same channel as anyone else, also you want to choose a high channel if that is possible.
  2. Ok, thx. I'll try that (switching channels)
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