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i need help with my coprocessor
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  1. ?


    Do you even know what a coprocessor is?

    Windows 7 needs a 1Ghz x86 CPU (though you can use less I wouldn't advise it) and none of those have separate coprocessors. The last x86 CPU I know of with a co-processor was the 486SX which could have a separate FPU coprocessor installed thus letting it preform like the 486DX which did have a working FPU.
  2. harrybreil said:
    i need help with my coprocessor

    That is a term that has pretty much gone away with modern systems. What are the complete specifications for the system you have a question about?
  3. Hi :)

    Use windows will find it for you...(hes using an AMD) can get this with XP...

    All the best Brett :)
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