Do they make racks that fit in the 5.5" drive bays to....

Sorry not sure if this was the right section, couldnt figure out the best place to ask this so let me know if i should ask in another section.

I like this little mod i made that allows me to use a 120 mm fan in my HAF X case. It takes up about 4 of the 5.5" drive bays but its only a regular 120mm fan, i have it zip tied by each corner and it works great.

Ive heard of cases with fan attachments that can essentially do what ive done.

My question is, do they make any sort of attachment/adapter that i could install into lets say 3-5 5.5" drive bays just like normal optical drives and other similar items, so that i could install say more hard drives as well as a fan in this area?

Ive purchased those 3.5" to 5.5" HDD bays but if they dont have fans the drives usually get too hot. Even with the fans it doesnt seem to do much, and they weigh a lot. I have my computer mounted on a shelf.

Reason im asking is because i would love to install my 2 corsair link nodes into my drive bays but theyre all full up and i cant get rid of the drives. I could move them to the 5.5" drive bay area but as i mentioned theres the cooling problem.

My shelf can hold up to around 70 or 75 lbs, while my computer is currently hovering around 58-60+ lbs i havent weighed it since i swapped around all my fans.

- Thanks for your time.
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  1. STARTECH Hard Drive Fan 5.25in Bay 3-fan Hdd Cooling Black. £14.35

    "The StarTech triple fan hard drive cooling kit provides maximumairflow for hot-running hard drives, preventing overheatingfailures and extending the life of the drive. The fan unit mountsin any free 5.25 inch half height drive bay, and the hard drive ismounted directly behind it using the supplied 3.5 inch to 5.25 inchadapter brackets. Fresh cool external air is drawn into the casethrough a removable, cleanable filter and blown directly over thehard drive by 3 quiet running ball bearing fans. Perfect forextending the life of hot running 7200 RPM, 10000, and 15000 RPMIDE and SCSI hard drives in servers."
  2. Thats an awesome suggestion but theres just one problem. I purchased one before for a terrible gateway that was built to implode by some geek squad moron, or some gateway moron.

    I bought one of these to cool the case since it literally had no intake fans. The kit comes with like 2 or 3 fans, im pretty sure it didnt include all 3, but had room for 3. I Custom fit the best 3 40mm fans i could find. I believe it was 40mm. Eitherway they pumped quite a lot of air, the problem was they were so loud everyone that walked near my room complained about a very high pitch annoying buzzing sound that i had to pretty much get rid of.
    I tried using a fan controller on this thing and it was a trade off between either basically no air flow, or some air flow with very loud fans, or a lot of air flow with insanely loud fans. Now i could only imagine stacking 2 or 3 of these together. The airflow would be blocked by the HDD and have to flow around it, i do like the idea of metal to convert the heat rather than plastic brackets to save weight which im currently using for stuff.
    I still have this thing in a drawer, but the grill was designed so bad it broke and i use electrical tape to keep it on, and i believe i lost the grill.

    I was hoping for something more like a 3 or 4 stack that allowed for 3.25 drive bays and had a 120-140mm fan intake in the front. Something that could be mounted under my bluray drive would be the ideal. This way my corsairlink could be mounted in one while 2 drives are mounted in the others. Then i could also use my anti vibration screws. But i really need to save weight for this build so i would prefer the rack to be made out of plastic.

    The 120mm i currently have squished under my corsair link setup is a nice cougar fan which i love, its dead quiet but sadly ive always felt like they dont push any air, specially when compared to the default corsair 120mm fans that come with their H Series CPU hydro coolers.

    I think i might just deal without extra drives in these computers and using external drives for backing em up. I have a drobo unit but the transfer unit is so slow and its such a POS ive considered building my own version to back up all the data from all 3 desktops i have.

    I still need to run some programs i was given to check the temperatures on my best computer spec wise, but it has a lot of problems. If everything is more than cold enough i might consider this but using plastic mounting brackets.

    Sorry for the wall of text, and thanks for being the only person to help, i couldnt think of a thing to do and thats a great idea, its just a bit of a stretch atm imo. But i guess well find out.

    PS: I cant remember if u helped me out in another thread but i think you might have cuz your thumbnail seems very familiar, and i love it, glad we got a stig here in the forums XD

    If anyone has any other ideas id love to hear em. Im currently maxed out on regular drive bays using my 500g ssd, 2 2tb caviar blacks and 2 different 3tb drive and im running way to close to the point of filling the drives up full.
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