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I just put together a gaming PC and I noticed that my CPU temps when running a game go up to 65-68C. I used the thermal paste that was already applied to my i5 - 3550, but my friend suggests I get my own thermal paste and reapply that instead of the one that came on the CPU.

When I am running BF3 or GW2, which is a good, decent range of temps that my CPU should be at so I wont get all paranoid about something bad happening?
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  1. I have the 3450 and I never go above 61 on gaming on the stock cooler. I think depending on your ambient temps and case airflow setup, those temps are fine. I think within gaming anything above 70 might be odd, but even then u are probably still ok.

    check case airflow and cable management, and make sure you fully clicked the cpu cooler in place.

    yes replacing the thermal paste may help with a few degrees, but worth checking for good airflow etc first.
  2. above 80 is getting in the danger zone.50-65 is what is pretty good
  3. burgessanthony is absolutely on the money. Those temps are not bad at all.

    Get yourself a good thermal paste, check the case airflow, make sure all slots on the back panel are closed, check for any dirt especially CPU cooler fan and Power supply fan.

    These could shave temps of your current range
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