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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on upgrading my PC, and if I should just upgrade everything. My specs are AMD Phenom X6 1090T, Corsair 750W PSU, 8GB OCZ Reaper DDR3 10666 Memory, Asus M4A79XTd EVO AM3 motherboard, EVGA Geforce GTX 550ti Video Card. I have abou $1500 to spend and use my PC primarily for gaming. Is an upgrade even necessary? If so, please give me advice, thanks all!
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  1. The best upgrade would be a new graphics card, a 550Ti is closer to an entry level gaming card these days. You can go up to the Radeon HD 7950/GTX 660Ti with your current setup without too much trouble. Cards above those will probably get held back by your CPU if you don't overclock it though. You can switch to Intel if you want more CPU performance, or wait until October for Piledriver if you want to stick with AMD, but that probably isn't strictly necessary if you don't intend to go for top of the line cards like the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition or GTX 680, or plan on getting multiple GPUs.
  2. thanks!
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