Just bought PNY GTX 680-is this a good brand?

I just purchased a PNY GTX 680 and was wondering if this is a good brand. I've never really heard anything bad about them, but I've usually bought EVGA. It comes with a four year warrenty, and I believe a lifetime warrenty if registered on their site. Can anyone give me any feedback? Thanks!
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  1. I heard their customer service is really bad, but if it's not defective then you'll be alright.
  2. Don't you think it would be wiser to ask this before buying? :)
  3. It's no EVGA, but it's not the lowest quality card you could get. What thesh0gun said^.
  4. Should be ok - most companies are still making reference clones at this stage (so little/no risk to the buyer)....expect high-end variants to follow. They're still pretty expensive so expect the usual " shouldn't be asking this after you bought one" response. The 4 yr/lifetime warranty should put your mind at rest as will Tom's recent review. Wouldn't mind one myself :)
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