My PSU won't work with motherboard (600w)but paperclip will

I have tried the paper clip method to get my 20+4 pin connector to see if the PSU worked and it did. When I plug it in my computer it doesn't. I have the OCZ StealthXStream 600W. Please help. It's on an XW4600 workstation. the case has a push power button. Thanks. Please help me
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  1. Check the connections and there might be something wrong with your PSU
  2. I have it working. I used a paper clip to connect the green and black wires, but the display isn't working, could you help me. Nothing shows up on the screen
  3. if the fan twich for a second or two and stop check for a dead short. sometime the cpu cooler can ground out to the mb case or the io shield.
  4. Try putting your reset switch onto the powerswitch jumpers on the mobo, it may be that your power button or its wire is at fault
  5. I also think it's the power cable. Could you help me find the pins to reset the power to work with the button. Also it must be something wrong because the deiplay doesn't work either. Shoulld I RMA?
  6. swap the wires from the reset switch, onto the powerbutton jumpers, then your reset switch should act as the power button, indicating either an issue with the powerbutton, or the powerbuttons cable
    see how that goes and get back to us,
  7. Same problem
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