New Build ~$1000

Case: ($89.99)

CPU: ($209.99)

Motherboard: ($99.99)

Memory: ($49.99)

Hard Drive: ($119.99)

Optical Drive: ($21.99)

Video Card: ($239.99)

Sound Card: (34.99)

PSU: ($69.99)

Please review and give advice.
I'm not planning to overclock it, so I am trying to avoid buying components related to overclocking.
Thank you!
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  1. If you could list the specific item names, it can help me help you.
  2. Uhhh, I chose the i5 3550 instead of the K series, and the H77 motherboard, they are meant for normal use and not overclock?
    And also, hows my video card? Should I get that or just a normal evga gtx 560 Ti 1gb or 2gb?
  3. Lol, is everyone dead?
  4. I would scrap the soundcard and invest in a better GPU such as these 570:
  5. I sometimes plug in my earphones on the desktop though o.o so I guess I need the sound card or the holes that I plug my earphones into, are they the same?
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    They are. Modern day MOBOs have good quality onboard sound.
  7. Does my mobo have it?
  8. Yes it does.
  9. So I can plug in my earphones onto that mobo?
  10. Yes, and the case connects the audio too.
  11. Thank you, but I see the audio holes are used at the back of case, not the front o.O. So the rest of my build is perfect for a ~$1000 non overclock gaming pc right?
  12. Yep.
  13. So that means I have to plug my earphones onto the back of the case?
  14. The case has audio ports.
  15. Ohh, so the mobo has onboard sound, the case has back AND front audio ports that I could use, right?
  16. Yep.
  17. Thanks.
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  19. Np man.
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