CHEAPEST gaming rig? Game + Browser + MusicPlayer + Mumble.

Hi all,

I've spent the last 3 weeks trawling the net and this forum for more information and I've gotten a pretty good idea of what a cheap gaming rig could be.

*As it is, I normally game with a browser on (switching tabs between forums, or game guides, and the game itself.
*Additionally, I will be streaming internet radio on PotPlayer (or any other CPU efficient media player). Sometimes I stream off of YouTube playlists instead.
*Finally I always have Mumble (or Teamspeak or Ventrillo) on. Actually, maybe XFire.

I play mostly MMOs, all kinds, and some offline games sometimes.

I don't care *at all* about encoding performance and all that stuff like RARing, vid encoding, photoshopping or any other kinds of productivity tools. Just gaming like the above.

Given the above play environment, I'm under the impression that 4x cores would come in handy. Besides, I have read several articles mentioning that games like BF3, and any other games using the Unreal3 engine, utilizes 4 cores efficiently.

It would be nice to play every current and upcoming games on at least Medium, maybe even at 1080p? I'm not too anal between 1080p and 720p I suppose. In fact, I've never really tried gaming at 1080p on a capable machine so I do not really know what I'm missing out on.
Are 1080p monitors way more expensive than 720p monitors? If so, it would be a significant consideration.

I am comfortable with overclocking and would consider getting an H60 (or even an H100), once I decide that it would be a better investment over air cooling such as 212+, 212 Evo, TX3 (any other better performers at p/p?). We are in a tropical country where it's very humid (85%) and temperatures can reach 35dC easily, thus my preference for liquid cooling.

So I'm still feeling absolutely torn between choosing between these configs:
- 4c A8-3870K IGP --> terrible upgrade path, allows for expansion via DualGraphics
- 4c A10-5800K IGP --> coming soon, allows for expansion via DualGraphics
- 4c A8-(trinityK) IGP --> coming soon, allows for expansion via DualGraphics
- 2c G850 + HD 6670 --> zero overclocking capabilities, but has great review and upgrade path.

Other components in mind:
- GSkill/ Corsair 2x4GBs 2000Mhz (maybe 2133 capable?). Which are the ones with preinstalled heatsinks btw?
- The cheapest 6GB/s HDD at 500GB. Caviar blue?
- Hopefully I can cram all of this into the tiniest slimmest form factor? mATX, mITX... I have no experience here.
- (maybe) WiFi antenna

I plan to NOT install:
- DVD Drive

Going into Phenom II x4/x6, or i3 with a discrete GPU looks like they would blow the prices northwards way too much. And for some reason, I just don't wanna consider AMD FX CPUs, can't recall why.

Finally, I would be looking to build 5 identical systems (maybe 10), for family, gf and friends (and their friends), so the economics of scale has a huge impact.

I would be earning free pizzas and beer, I suppose. :D I plan to get hooked up for a month's supply at least, haha.

I have 2 weeks to a month to sink our hard earned cash into this.

Thanks guys.
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