Unlocking AMD Phenom ii x2 555 BE

Hi, my dad have been using a AMD PHENOM II X2 555 BE processor for a long time recently i have stumbled across the notion that it can be unlocked into a quad core. Can anyone tell me how is it done and whether i am going to need a aftermarket cpu cooler considering it turn into a quad core?? And if it voids my warranty and if there's any way of reverting back to its stock state considering some crap happens?? he mainly uses it work on MS-Word or surf the internet. Thanks in advance :).
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  1. What motherboard do you have, as you need a SB750 or later chipset or look in your bios for ACC option to unlock cores.
  2. I have a Gigabyte 880ud2h mobo and a 600w psu. Thank you for replying .
  3. Be aware that it's not always a given that the cores can be unlocked. Sometimes its one core, sometimes its two cores, but its not a guarantee. Also, when they are unlocked, they throw off more heat so sometimes you need to upgrade the HSF.
  4. Can i revert back to my old stock condition in case the unlocked cores cause much trouble ??
  5. yes, in the bios under the acc u can manually set it back to 2 cores or disable it which will revert to a stock x2 555
  6. Thank You all so much for replying . One last thing does it voids the warranty??
  7. Yes it does but I don't know hoe they can tell. I have been running a 550BE unlocked to 4 cores for years and overclocked it to 3.7GHz. Note your core temps will not display correctly when cores are unlocked so you need to rely on the motherboard sensor. Make sure you run a stability check if the cores unlock like OCCT, prime95 or intel burn test. If a core is unstable you can most likely fix it with a small voltage increase which may increase temps and need a better cooler.
  8. Bump.......i don't have the ACC option on my bios will updating/downgrading the bios help?? And no they cannot tell as confirmed by a local AMD techie so the warranty won't stand void :D
  9. Under the motherboard page on gigabyte it says its EC AOD ACC, and can use used in the bios or amd overdrive utility

    "EC AOD-ACC Support
    EC AOD-ACC is described as Embedded Controller for AMD OverDrive- Advanced Clock Calibration, which is the newest feature comes from AMD SB750/ SB710 SouthBridge chip, destined for the AMD Black Edition CPU to be overclocked through BIOS setting or AMD OverDrive™ utility further than it was previously possible.
    * Please be noticed that GIGABYTE’s product warranty does not cover damages caused by overclocking. "

    copied off gigabyte website - http://www.gigabyte.us/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3475#ov
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