Hey, I just got a brand new computer built for me last week. It was tested several times. I have a AMD RADEON HD 6700 video card...My screen keeps flickering at random times, and sometimes i have to force restart, and sometimes it comes back and my cursor is all disorented, and weird looking...Please help I am seriously frustated.. I've tried to install my drivers so many times.
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  1. I got to add that I play World of warcraft... and it has been happening a lot when in mid fight, but also does it when im just on the internet.
  2. Oh and I got this error message earlier "Display driver stopped working and recovered"
  3. A display driver is a piece of software. I'd double-check your installing the right driver.

    Also you may want to double-check your video cable and that the video card is properly seated in the slot.
  4. I made sure it was the right driver.

    I'm really dumb when it comes to this stuff, thats why I got it built for me. I have to open it up and take it out and put it back in?
  5. Hey, I'm back and I just opened it up and my video card is fine.
  6. I meant, you might want to pull it out and reseat it in the slot. Also check to make sure you video cable is tightly attached to both the video card and the monitor.
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