Radeon HD7870 buy now or wait?


I am putting together my first gaming PC and i have a few questions...

With the introduction of th GTX680 in the market, will AMD prices be falling anytime soon and by roughly how much?

Should i buy a 7870 now or wait, hoping that the 7950 will drop in price?

How much of a performance difference is there between the 7870 and the 7950?

I am a massive noob so any and all advice will be greatly appreciated

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  1. It depends on what or how much are you willing to wait. If you think things are going to change in two weeks, then think again.

    When nVidia releases all the 6xx series cards then and only then will the price will come down.

    So you might be waiting for up to 3 or 4 months. Right now nVidia only has one card out. So AMD might lower the 7970 but that is it.

    You will have to wait to see what the other cards bring. Oh yeah you should not put two threads at one time it is a no no.
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    Not only do Nvidia's gpu's have to come out for the prices to drop they actually have to be in stock for more than a few hours. Unless your using eyefinity you won't notice a $100 difference between the 7870 and the 7950, and the 7950 is priced way to close to the gtx 680.
  3. Hey,

    Sorry about the double posting, i don't know how that happened. Thanks for your quick responses!
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