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Hello, I just got a GTX 680 and when I set it up and got the latest drivers I noticed in EVGA precision X that my clock speed was around 300mhz. Then when I went into a game it clocked up to 1058mhz(gpu boosted) When I saw it at 300mhz I figured that was normal as the card was in idle and I know the HD 7970 does the same thing. Later I restarted my computer and now the card is always at 1005mhz core clock even idle. Is it supposed to be downclcoking to 300mhz? Or was it not supposed to do that at all. If it is supposed to downclock in idle environments why isn't mine doing it anymore?
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  1. When not in gaming mode the video card has little to do since 2D is not very taxing and downclocking to a low idle speed would be normal. I would say it should be downclocking when at idle and the Evga Precision is a new program so you could try uninstalling it and reinstalling it just to see if that straightens it out. You could also send an e-mail to thier tech support with a question and you will det an answer back in a day or two. I do that from time to time when I have a question about my Evga cards and I always get an answer.
  2. I just opened up the Evga Precision X and the first card is at full mhz (772) and the other two are at 50 mhz each so they are at idle.
  3. Usually most cards come preset with this. You can change this so the card can run at the stock clock speed (or overclocked speed) you choose.

    Go to the Nvidia control panel, and click on manage 3D settings, then change the power management option to maximum performance instead of adaptive.

    Adaptive makes it so that it doesn't use all the voltage and power at idle. This changes on the other hand, where you'll be using more power on idle. but will go up to the clock speed when playing high-demanding games or programs. Just like a CPU.
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