GTX 570 HD DS Temps- Am I Normal?

Hey guys, i have an EVGA GTX570 HD DS and im curious if my temps are normal for NVIDIA GPUs in general. I use a custom fan curve using EVGA Precision which gives me an idle temp of anywhere between 37-45 degrees C @ 1950 RPM. When I max out the card at 100% usage on stress tests and demanding games, its maxes at about 83 degrees at a 100% fan speed. Is this normal? Would it be worth getting one of the Arctic coolers here ?
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  1. What you have for case fans has to be accounted for because if your case air flow is poor then the fans on the card won't be working at optimum efficiency. If you don't have a side panel fan on the case then you could add one there to blow outside air directly at the video card. A 120mm or 140mm would be good for that.
    If your case is set with fans then adding an aftermarket cooler to the card could help , just make sure it's a three fan cooler because you have two now.
  2. I do have a side fan already, I'm more curious if these are somewhat normal temps, what are yours for your GPU?
  3. I have a different situation since I have water cooling and the three GTX 580's never go above 45c.
    I would say that at idle your temps might be just a bit high and before buying a new cooler you could try removing the fan cooler and reapplying the thermal paste , Artic Silver 5 is a very good thermal compound and a very thin layer will do.
    Evga is a very good company and you could even call thier tech support and ask them about the temps. I do know that video card temps can get higher than cpu temps and it's ok for 83c at full srtess , there is still room to go before it's too high.
  4. alright thanks, I'll contact EVGA. One more question, does anyone know much much the Arctic cooling fans affect the noise?
  5. The more fans the more the noise , so if you have two now and add another with the three fan cooler then you will be increasing the fan noise a bit. They do make those fans to be somewhat quiet and you most likely won't be running them full out all the time.
  6. Yeah I ended up getting the accelero twin turbo (the 2 fan one) because my case couldnt fit the three. It has yet to arrive but ive seen that it is extremely quiet while still being even more efficient than the stock cooling.
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