I have an hp pavilion 720. I'm looking at upgrading it. It currently is running windows xp, 200gb hdd, 152 or 157mb ram. Where would be a good place to start. I dont need an amazing gaming computer or anything, just a good computer. I would like to keep it under 350$.

I have done some looking but how can I tell if a certain part will fit in my computer.

From what I've been able to look up and read that a gigabyte nvidia GeForce 210 1gb ddr3 VGA/dvi/hdmi pic express video card gv n2103 1gi
Is a decent card, but I don't want to buy it an find out it doesn't fit.

Some help with this would be much appreciated.
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  1. umm nope. that computer is not worth upgrading.

    A 350$ new computer would be much better.
    Tell me what you need it to do (any gaming, editing, etc) and i'll put a build together (anything you buy pre-assembled will be crap at $350).

    Ok, here's a very quick build i put together. It can be tweaked to your needs. Currently: 331.93

  2. Agreed that pc is very old and has massive limitations to point where xp will already be having fairly big issues trying to operate. A full $350 upgrade would be far more beneficial and show much better improvement than any GPU ever could

    In addition the integrated graphics on the I3 processor will blow your current card away and you can upgrade to a much better card later on.
  3. Well I don't need it to be super amazing. I do a lot of random surfing, Reading up on thing I enjoy, YouTube, listening to music. The only games I play are games from addictinggames, I wan to get mindcraft. That is about the extent of it for now.
    I got this computer because I'm getting into case modding. I was thinking of upgrading it because I don't know if I'm going to want to part with it when I'm done, it being my first one.
    I want to put my ps3 inside my tower so when I build my computer I will just get a bigger tower an put the ps3 in with it.

    Thank you for the help
  4. the computer you are using now is not upgradeable. Computers don't last much longer than 5 years. I'm assuming yours is considerably older.
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