Should bf3 be sucking the life out of a 7950?

Hi, so, today was some of a crazy day. I got updates for both bf3 and the catalyst software. Im running on a saphire 7950 and before bf3 would barely push my gpu. As far as I can remember the core clock and memory usage would barely move above the minimum allowance which is 300 for the clock and 150 for the memory. And Today after the update on bf3 I started to notice that my game was running at least 2x faster than usual and there was some flickering. I talked to tech. support and they helped me fix the speeding issue but I still get a slight blur. Anyways, ever since I started to monitor my gpu via the catalyst software and noticed that both the clock and memory are running at max whenever I play a game. It seems to happen regardless of the game I play. Tried with both combat arms and bf3. I will try bf2 and bc2 in a few mins just to be safe.

Any ideas of what may be the issue? I figured that it may be the catalyst and tried to do a roll back on the drivers but no luck. If I do a roll back I end up without drivers and If i uninstall the dang thing and install the drivers from the cd I always end up with the most up to date drivers.

Im all out of ideas. I have no clue of how to figure out if the issue is bf3 patch related or gpu related...

Also, is there another software that i can use to monitor the gpu?
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  1. Tried both bf2 and combat arms. The clock and memory usage does not go above the minimum allowed which are 300 and 150 mhz correspondingly. BC2 had the same effect as bf3. Both of them are making the gpu go all out...
  2. A buddy of mine has a 7970 and has had nothing but problems since the catalyst 12 series drivers came out. Have you tried rolling back to an older driver in the 11 series?
  3. Tried but couldn't. I'll have a look around to see if I can do just that.
  4. It appears that my catalyst was out of date. Updated it but the game still moves a bit fast when it comes to kill cam/
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