Performance drop after upgrading my cpu. Can't find out why.

I recently upgraded my CPU from an i5-2450 to an i7-3770k. Everything booted, worked fine, nothing seemed wrong... then i tried playing some games and they would just drop in fps to the 0's and stay there frozen. I tried cleaning my registry, updating drivers, and there's no change in Game performance. Recently it also processed slowly while watching youtube, where the sound would just stutter and lag out to a freezing point. After some time it moved again, but i really want to know what's going on here so i can play some games again at least. =\

Now for my specs:
-ASUS Sabertooth Z77 mobo
-Intel Core i7-3770k
-10GB DDR3 memory
-Geforce GTX 670 4GB SC
-Thermaltake TR2-600W
-2tb HDD
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  1. Well, no quick replies. That's alright i guess. I'm going to go on a whim here and just buy a larger power supply, see if that works. I know my BIOS version is up to date for the i7, and i know its not a ram issue, so hey, it's worth a shot.
  2. Try running the system on the Intel HD graphics, GTX 670 removed. Do you still get the same issues?
  3. I see no way your psu could cause those symptoms.

    One strange thing I see is 10gb of ram. That is an odd size, and some of your ram will be operating in single channel mode.
    Just what ram are you using?
    Is it possible that in power management, you have specified a cpu usage of less than 100%?

    Has anything else changed since you changed cpu"s

    Have you overclocked your "K", and is it stable.

    Run cpu-z to see if it is downclocking for some reason.

    Are your temperatures OK?
  4. I haven't overclocked yet. i was going to get it on water first. And yes its an odd number but its basically 2x4gb and 1x2gb. o.o it came with the HP i stripped to place into this computer. I'm upgrading it to 32gb though. I do have HWmonitor and the temps don't go over 60degrees celcius.

    However it seems through enough browsing on the internet, i did find a solution by resetting the cmos.
  5. I don't know what the problem is. But I know a few things it isn't, and one of them is your power supply. Frame rates dropping to ridiculously low levels are usually due to some bottleneck in the video card, possibly driver related. But what's weird is that you have worse performance than before. I don't know the answer.

    BTW I may be wrong about this but with your memory config, you entire memory might be working in single channel mode. Dual channel only works with symmetric installations. Try removing your 2GB module and see if there's any difference.
  6. o.o ...that's something new. lol. thanks for the advice bwrlane.

    So ya, a quick update, idk what it could have been, but resetting the cmos did fix the problem i was having. The games run fine again so hopefully it stays that way. Thanks for everyones replies though.
  7. Great that you fixed it!

    But, if you want to get the best performance possible, then change your Windows power plan to "High Performance".
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