Intel or amd for media pc on low budget

hi all

I wanted to put together a media pc as a present to my dad who's not that tech savvy really, I haven't got much of a budget either. It will mostly be used for watching tv and films with just a light bit of web browsing, these are the 2 specs i was looking at

mobo: asus P8H61-M LE REV 3.0 €60

Intel Pentium G620, S 1155, Dual Core 2.60GHz €60

ram: have 2 x 4gb already

graphics: have an old 5670 from an old rig im going to use

hdd: Seagate Momentus 320GB €58

wifi : €22

tv tuner card: BlackGold BGT3630 DVB-T2/DVB-C, DVB-S2 €133

dvd drive: LG GH24NS90.AUAA50B €18

psu: i have a 500w psu and a small case i can use

so with the amd the only things to change are really

apu: AMD APU A6 - 3500 Triple Core Processor €71

mobo: MSI A75MA-P35 €56

so total cost intel €351 amd €358

Im hoping to use mythbuntu as the os, so my questions are really which system would be best to use and would any know if the tv tuner card would have drivers for a linux based os.

Im really hoping to make this work out so thanks in advance for any advice :D
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  1. AMD graphics are more powerful so I'd go with AMD.
  2. I would recommend you go with the Intel build because:
    1) It's chaper
    2) The 2 cores are better than the 3 cores from AMD
    Finneous is correct that AMD has better standard graphics, but you already have a discrete gfx card so the AMD fusion isn't going to help as much. The Intel build will suffice better than the AMD build, especially for a media PC.

    As for the TV tuner, the manufacturer should provide information on compatible OS'
  3. thanks not much price difference so i can do that
  4. i see what you mean r0aringdrag0n
    well thanks for both the opinions
  5. Personally I'd go with the A6. And leave out the discrete card. It will run cooler, and be quieter.
  6. I think AMD would be a better choice. You can still find T10xx models with 6 cores which blow the 2 core intels away, and a nice price difference.

    Example...T1045 is still around. If you can get a hold of a T1065, or T1090 model (cheap) your laughing.

    I've seen a price sale for 99 at tiger direct (still active)

    Price around, This thing is slightly faster than my Q9550, and 100 dollars? Can't beat that. Good chip series.
  7. yeah my gaming rig is a Phenom II X6 unfortunately its outside the price range i can't pick up any for less than €95 and by the time i couple a mobo with that it pushes up the overall price of system
    I didn't want to cut price on the tv tuner card as thats going to be its main function really
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