I7 3770 won't post

So Im building a computer for a friend and I can't get the CPU to post. The CPU is an Intel core i7 3770 on a saber tooth z77 motherboard. The most I've gotten so far is three seconds of the fan then nothing so far. The motherboard so far is not DOA but i'm not sure on the CPU. I hate RMA'ing CPUs so I need to know if I screwed something up so far.
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  1. Your CPU is most likely not dead, it's very rare for CPU's to be DOA.

    What components did you install on your motherboard? If you only installed the CPU, this is most likely the issue. Try installing RAM and try again.
  2. Tell us the rest of your friend´s hardware config.
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    sounds like a dead short. make sure you used the brass standoffs for the case so that the mb is not shorted to the case. also check that the i\o shield for the mb is not grounding out one of the ports or the mb. also check on the back of the mb that if your using a 3 party heat sink if they used a metal plate the plate not tuching the case or the mb and shorting the mb out.
    also make sure you connected the 8 pin power plug on the top edge of the mb. most new power supplys uses a 4 by 4 plugs to make 8 pins. if you uses a 6 by 2 you uses the pci video power plug and it wont work. when you power the mb up check to see if the cpu or ram fault led is on hard. if it just the ram led try using one stick and make sure the ram stick is seated.
    a lot of times the ram stick or the cpu may be crushed with to much force or the cpu not seated right. if it not a dead short check that the cpu is seated and there no bent pins. (may want to bread board the mb outside the case. ).
  4. Thanks for the replies
    core i7 3770
    asus z77 sabertooth
    8gb gskill ares 1600mhz
    1000 watt seasonic platinum
    Zalman CNPS9900 Max cooler
    Yes i used the brass standoffs and replaced the ram. Still nothing
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