CPU LED constantly red.

Alright so I recently built a computer back in January and it was working fine until two months ago when it shut off after starting up for a few seconds only to reset and leave my monitors and usb's without any power. Long story short I've spent the better part of a month switching out parts to see what's the problem is but nothing has changed except it has stopped shutting off on launch and just continually displays the red CPU LED with my usb's (note: this includes on-board usb's and front panel ones) still getting no power and my monitor getting no signal. So far I've switched out every part but my RAM (I currently only have one of my sticks in) and my GPU (I dont currently have it installed either if that makes a bit of difference.) Really my guess right now is that I might have a bent pin on the currently installed mobo but having little experience in this issue I wanted to ask whether a faulty CPU installation would inhibit power going to my keyboard/mouse.

Here are my specs (All replacement parts were identical):
Asus p8z68-v pro gen 3 lga 1155
Intel i7-2600
Intel 510 series SSD 120gb
Samsung Spinpoint F3 HDD 1tb
Cosair Vengence 16gb RAM
Nvidia GTX 580

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  1. These are the symptoms of a faulty motherboard, sorry for your loss. You will have to replace it. I suggest the ASRock Extreme series Mobo's if you want bang for your buck. Good luck.
  2. Ok well thanks. I'll RMA my replacement and detail the results.
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