Sapphire HD 4870 Toxic problem

Hello,i have a little problem with my Sapphire HD 4870 Toxic , 512mb ddr5 , 256 bit Video Card . I have 2 kind of problems .

1st was , when i started to watch a HD ( 1080 or 720 ) video on youtube it goes green , but this particaly solved ( disable hardware acceleration )

2nd is , when i play League Of Legends , if smb know this game , sometimes my display crash as : characters flash , the screen flash or switch to black , the map is going wild ( some lines are appearing )

My PC config is :

Intel Dual Core 2.8 Ghz
Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L
4 gb ram , ddr2
power supply Delux 600w
HDD 160gb Maxtor

I tried with 3 different drivers from 3 different pages , tried lowering or highering the video options in game , but still nothing .

What can be the solve for my problem ?
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  1. Is there any way you could try a different video card to see if the problem is isolated to that particular video card?
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