Amd phenom x3 8750 2400mhz 3.5mb socket am2+

I have a amd phenom x3 8750 2400mhz 3.5mb socket am2+ that came with the cooling fan in the box. What should my operating temperature be? The temperature has been running between 42c and 59c. I am not comfortable with that. Can anyone suggest a good cooling fan for this processor that is reasonably priced?

Thanks guys!
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  1. Those temperatures sound fine.

    Are you having stability problems?
  2. I had one BSOD today but other than that, no.
  3. If stability problems occur pretty much never, then its probably fine to just stick with what you have.
  4. Thanks!
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    I would say those temps are fine. Did you get the exact stop error code number? It might be a one time thing or it could develop into more problems later like if a memory module is going bad.
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