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I have an Antec 300 illusion I been painting the inside of it all white and I'm going to drill some holes for cable management and was wondering if I should drill some holes in the bottom of it so I can turn my psu facing down instead of up. Would this be worth the time and how would I go about doing that. Make some measurements and just drill me a bunch on 1/4 " holes surrounding the fan ?
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    If your PSU intake fan isn't pulling from under the case, the case bottom isn't physically on the ground (IE the PC has feet), and you are good at fabrication, I would definitely suggest modifying your case to change the PSU to pull from under the case.

    If you are going to be fabricating stuff, you would be better off fabricating a place to put an air filter on the PSU intake than to just drill holes and be done with it.
  2. Yeah I definitely was going to put some kind of filter. On it was just thinking about maybe zip tying a filter on the bottom of the case figured you wouldn't really see it. That would work wouldn't it. I'll never buy a cheap case again. I bought it on sale for like 40 bucks spent over 50 in painting the interior and about 8 hours in it and now more time and money. Next time I know just to buy a good case
  3. There is no reason that you shouldn't be able to zip tie on a filter.

    I have seen the fans themselves be zip tied on places before.
  4. The Antec 300 Illusion is a great case even at $60. At $40 it can not be beat. I think your expectations were too high. If you wanted the features of a high end case you should have bought one to begin with.
  5. Yeah. Just didn't put much thought into before I bought this. Was a spring of the moment kind of thing I'll be happy with it when I'm finished.
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