Which is better for SWTOR A8-3870K + HD6670 or HD7750

So my basic question is... which is better for playing SWTOR @ 1920x1080

A8-3870K + HD6670
Athalon II 2.7Ghz(2 cores) + HD7750

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  1. The 7750 is basically the new version of the 6670. It will perform better and probably use less power while running cooler. However neither are exactly gaming cards
  2. A) 219.98 = A8-3870K + HD6670

    B) 219.98 = AMD Athlon II X4 645 Propus 3.1 + HD7750

    Your 2 core AMD was cheaper than the A8 combo.

    This B system would be better performer. Or save $30 bucks and get an X3.

    SWTOR only uses 2 threads.
  3. The one with 7750 is better.
  4. Or you can even wait for the new Fusion APUs later, which maybe can be crossfired with 7750.
  5. I found some information about my question.

    SWTOR uses DX9 and AMD Dual Graphics (the asymmetrical CrossFire implementation used by AMD APUs when paired with discrete GPUs) only works with DX10 or higher.

    Pretty much any GPU equivalent to AMD 5570 or greater (including A8-3870K) can run SWTOR on low settings@1280x720. For 1920x1080 more GPU power is recommended.

    Discrete GPUs in the performance range of HD5570 will be faster than A8-3870K due to their onboard DDR5 RAM.

    If you play SWTOR in areas heavily populated by other players (like PVP or Operations) more CPU is needed than if you play solo PVE.
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