600-700$ BUDGET Gaming Setup!

I wanted to build a computer for all of my school needs but also for games such as Starcraft 2 Diablo 3, and if a computer can handle those then it can handle alot of things, I already have a mid sized case, and a hardrive but the hardrive is very old and might need a replacment. PLEASE HELP
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  1. please fill out this form so that we can help you better. be specific in what you have - mid tower case, what make and model, does it have a power supply (make and model) do have a monitor? (what resolution is it) do you have an OS (XP, WIN7 etc)

  2. I CAN HALP too, but you have to fill out the form Jerredd gave you. How old is this very old hard drive? Is it IDE or SATA? If its IDE, it would make a lovely frisbee.
  3. Lets take the hard drive out of the picture... As you can tell I am very new to this computer world just looking for the help, sorry for the confusion on the description.

    Approximate Purchase Date: whenever I get the most amount of information.

    Budget Range: 600 - 700$

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, and basic school needs (Powerpoint, MS Word)

    Parts Not Required: Keyboard, Mouse, speakers, printer

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg.com

    Country: (e.g.: India) we need to know where these parts are being assembled

    Parts Preferences: Possibly an ASUS monitor. My Current case is actually broken -___- So I was thinking about a NZXT Phantom 410. Also for the

    Overclocking: No

    SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

    Monitor Resolution: Let's just say I need to get a new one, I tried looking for it after your replies and couldn't find it. I was thinking about an ASUS.

    Additional Comments: Would like a quiet PC
  4. well here is the best ASUS deal going
    $170 + free shipping and a $20 MIR =$150

    the plain Phantom 410 is $100 and $10 shipping

    that only leaves you with about $440 for the rest of the build

    hopefully you don't need the OS too
  5. Yea, if you need an OS too probably going to be hard to work something out in your budget considering the monitor, however that is a good choice. I helped a guy do a build off here via Skype and he got that monitor, he loves it.

    This is my recommendation for a budget build, but with the other factors considered it puts you over the top:

    CPU-$120- Phenom II 965

    Motherboard- Asrock 970 $80

    Video Card- Radeon 6870 $170

    RAM-Gskill 2x4GB $47

    Power- Corsair CX500 $60

    HDD- WDC 500Gb -$80

    CD/DVD Burner- $18

    Total- $575 - This would be a very capable gaming computer if you could swing the budget, and its about as cheap as I would go to call a build a "gaming computer".

    You could trim up on the video card a little bit by going with an older GTX 460 (these were over 200 dollars a couple years ago, they're a couple years old now, but stronger than my newer 550 TI)
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