Can I still run 550 ti with this PSU?


I was wondering if I can upgrade my 9400gt card to 550 ti. But I'm very noobish when it comes to computer hardwares. I've did some research and found out that 550 ti needs 24a on a 12v rail.

Here what I found on the PSUs spec:


+5v - 25a
-5v - 0.5a
+12v1 - 15a
+12v2 - 10a
+12v3 - 10a
+12v4 - 10a
-12v - 0.5a
+3.3v - 22a
+5vse - 2a

Can I still run 550 ti with this PSU?
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  1. duplicate post
  2. you should be fine 550ti pull very low power i have 2 on my 750w
  3. A 700 watt psu will be way more power than even 2 550ti's in SLI would ever need.
  4. Just recently helped a friend build a PC with a budget Inland Gold Series 500w. Runs his eVGA GTX 550 Ti and the rest with ease.
  5. Thanks for your replies guys, but another thing I forgot, the PSU I have is a generic one. But I was planning on replacing it with or what are your other suggestions. In the meantime will the generic one be sufficient with the card?

    My card just arrived today and was planning on installing it or just maybe later?

    My suggestion above is more than enough for a single GTX 550 Ti (like I said just recently put together a system with one and that PSU; works like a charm) Also used the same PSU in another acquaintance's custom build.

    Best of all, it won't break the bank!
  7. Yeah, never trust a generic or store brand PSU. The high end Rosewill's have been tested and they are good to go (Newegg House Brand). Antec, OCZ, PCP&C, Rosewill Capstone series and a couple others are good but please, never trust anything not "name brand"
  8. alright, I'll just install this card later until I get my new PSU just to be safe

    @kleintrpt: That's a decent PSU, but I'll see if its available here because I'm outside of the US actually.
  9. Sounds great let us know how everything turns out!
  10. Inland is Micro Center's house brand, I wouldn't trust my PC with it. For $11 more you can get Antec or OCZ, it's worth the investment.
  11. dscudella said:
    Inland is Micro Center's house brand, I wouldn't trust my PC with it. For $11 more you can get Antec or OCZ, it's worth the investment.

    I'm only saying that my experience has been good with that particular model with others on a budget and nothing more.

    Otherwise, other good names other than Antec and OCZ are PC Power & Cooling, Seasonic, Corsair.
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    I've seen an unbranded 1250watt PSU become dangerously unstable at half it's wattage specs! and once they cranked it to 1250watts it blew.

    A 700w is more then enough, but personally I agree with the general consensus on this forum that you should stick to brands that are known for good PSUs and have a reputation to maintain, like Corsair which is my personal choice, I've also heard Antec do pretty good units. I heard cooler masters low-mid PSUs are about average, but nothing really special... there high end PSUs are supposed to be good though. but overall I'd say Corsair, all there PSU's are great from low to high end (maybe a little extra cost per watt but it's worth it!)
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