"Silent" PC Power and Cooling LOUD during gaming

I recently picked up a 600W PC Power and Cooling MK Silencer III PSU for my system. I previously used a 500w Cooler Master with my system, but due to upgrading another computer, I decided to buy the PC P&C for my main build to replace it with.

Just like the CoolerMaster, for some reason the PSU fan spins to what I'd expect to be 100% during any kind of gaming (all 4 cores of my CPU averaging 25% or so; not sure what GPU is doing, though fan stays loud with game minimized as well).

My system is generally the following:
Phenom II 965 3.4ghz (not OC)
DDR3-1600 8GB (4x2)
OCZ 120GB Agility III SSD
1TB 7200RPM Storage
MSI TwinFrozr GTX 560 TI
PC P&C MK Silencer III 600w

I imagine 600w should be more than enough; 500w was prior. Any suggestions to why this is happening?

PS: Yes, it is the PSU fan. 100% positive.
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  1. Also will mention the case is pretty well ventilated and that it spins up within the first few 15 seconds or so of having the game up and running.
  2. PC P&C might call it the Silencer, but I doubt proper "silence freaks" would. This is for a number of reasons:
    1. fan is a 'budget' ADDA Dual Ball bearing (ADDA AD1212HB-A71GL), which can spin quite fast (2200RPM) and occasionally (some fans do, some fans don't) has bearing noise.
    2. efficiency, which while good, is not the best you can do nowadays. The theory is that more efficient units have less heat to deal with, so the fan used can spin slower compared to a unit with lower efficiency.
    3. PC P&C's actual marketing for the unit paint it as not that quiet: 20-37dBA. So possibly even the idle noise from it wouldn't be good enough for some people.
  3. I had recently switched a few things around in the case that seem to at least help somewhat. The PSU, which is on the bottom of the case, I flipped as for the fan to be blowing upward, even though there is a vent on the bottom for it (perhaps wasn't the "best" choice). I've also added 2 120mm fans on the top of the case blowing out).

    It's now within my bearable range while gaming (all other times the thing is very silent). Out of curiousness, would having more "overkill" for power (lets say 750w or 850w) prevent the fan from needing to spin up for my mid-level system?
  4. First thing, the fan on the PSU is an intake fan, so it blows cool air over the internal components and then escapes out by the on/off switch.

    No, going 'more overkill' wouldn't automatically have meant that you got a quieter unit. There are some ~400W PSUs which would not be loud with your computer, so I'd say you just chose a unit which isn't that good in terms of noise.
  5. why are you postive it is the psu and not the gpu?
  6. I opened up the case again just to double-check I wasn't going crazy, and the air is definitely blowing OUT of the 120mm fan on the PSU.

    However, on 2nd inspection the GPU is attributing to it to more than I previously thought (I've switched multiple parts around within the last month upgrading; my CoolerMaster 500w was definitely the culprit before; seems my 560GTX Ti is now).

    It's not horrendous per say, but with that TwinFrozr heatsink, perhaps it could be turned down a little bit manually. Any suggestions on a good way to control fan speed while maintaining an acceptable temp on my GPU?
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    afterburner or precision will allow you to control fan speed. my 470 the standard profile lets it get too warm for me 90C and then goes mad, my profile starts ramping earlier and it settles lower and a bit quieter.

    check with pc power and cooling regarding your fan, it should be sucking from in the case and pushing to outside the case.
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