Coolermaster Cosmos II

Am upgrading my pc now


256gigs Samsung 830
96gigs kingston ssd (need to use for hotswap)
40gb Intel SSD (hot Swap)
2x 1.5 tb seagate
2x 2tb seagate

4x 8gb ddr3 (RAM not yet decided, suggestions welcome :) )

Asus Rampage IV

Intel 3930k

Graphics Card
7950HD Gigabyte

XSPC Raystorm 750 RS240 Cooler

DVD Drive

Seasonic 760

I am looking at the Coolermaster Cosmos for my chassis, I have no space issues, I can afford it, I love the space, the ability to fit 11 drives + 2 hotswap and the usb3.0 on the front panel... I have no issues with it from the reviews Ive read and watched... but...

This PC is being built because of you guys... started off as me upgrading my graphics card and the more I read this forum, the more I wanted to do, so now going for a total overhaul... right from the ssd to the mobo to the processor and graphic card and even the psu, Ive bought due to your suggestions... so just checking to see if I missed anything...

My questions

1. Is there any other chassis cheaper with the same features (size, cooler support, usb 3.0, 10+ hdd support and hotswap+ air filters + compartments ) that I should consider

2. Is there anything better that I should look at?

I realize you guys know a lot more than me and would want your thoughts before I finalize my purchase :)


Ash (
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  1. thanks bro seems good, will check and see if its available here in India
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