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Needed accessories for mountain mods u2-ufo

i plan on getting one within a month or so and will be doing cyo. i was wondering what else i will need. im not sure if it even comes with a power button or not. i would just like to get all i need in one package instead of paying shipping twice.
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    Looks like you get two anti-vandal switches in the box :)
  2. so, on page two it says 5.25 covers not included. im assuming the bay itself is, so all i really need then is fans and screws.
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    Yup, but blanking panels are easy enough to come by or mod up if needed,
    the cage is on the first page at the bottom pic so fans, grills and fanscrews should be all you need
  4. alright, thanks. im going to get the duality front which has 6 bay openings. im sure ill need another fan controller so it will be perfect. it will be nice to have all my components finally inside a case again.
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  6. i have another question for you. im going to get it with a mirror black powercoat. do you think your motherboard tray mod will cause chipping, or if i drill slow enough it should be ok, right?
  7. Tape up both sides with painters tape, start with as small a bit as possible and yes, slow speeds should see you right, I may email them suggesting they precut a couple of holes inside the mobo perimeter for cm purposes, that way the holes will be coated as well :-)
    And thank you for B.a. man, pm or start a new threa if theres anything I can help with
  8. i never thought to email them, great idea. thank you for all your help.
  9. Well you can mail them as a suggestion/request for your order if you wish?
    just credit me if they pay you for the idea :)
    and no sweat for the help, I enjoy helping folks :)
  10. pay me for the idea? haha, i wish. i just got an email back and $70 is what ill have to pay for a few holes to be put in. im having second thoughts about giving them my money now.
  11. Damn....
    When I think how much companies pay consultants to get a leading edge on competitors or fresh input it makes me sick, and they can't say thank you to a customer and show some good grace,
    I'd make it myself from sheet lol then post it everywhere on the net :P
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