Radeon 6870 and a ASUS VW266H

I installed a new video card into my computer last night. I went from a GTS 450 to Radeon 6870. I got the card as a gift. Wanted to check it out, to see if its a good place holder till I build a new machine with something more powerful. But when I connect the card to my monitor through the HDMI port on my monitor, it tells me it's a non plug and play monitor. But if I connect it through a DVI port to the same monitor it works fine. To make sure it wasn't the card I connected the computer to my Samsung TV and it works fine. Has anyone experienced this in the past.

My monitor is a ASUS VW266H
Video Card is Sapphire 6870 Flex Edition

The bios on my mobo is up to date, as is all windows updates.
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  1. You have drivers for your monitor? Does it still display? Plug and play monitor usually means it is a generic monitor.
  2. As stated, it's an ASUS VW266H. But I have figured it out. Had to walk away from it for a while so common sense can kick in.

    The video card was able to recognize my Samsung TV through the HDMI port. So taking that into account you can determine that the HDMI port on the card is ok. So I got a DVI video cable and attached that to the monitor and everything works fine. Apparently the HDMI port on my ASUS is not plug and play compatible with my video card. It works fine, because when I put my GTS-450 back in, it fires up no problems.
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