Can I Add A Third Hard-Drive?

I have an AMD-Athlon 600Mhz with a Slot A motherboard which has one connector for hard-disks, one for cd-roms and one for floppy disks (I assume this is normal).
I currently have two hard-drives connected and two cd-rom drives and one floppy disk drive (the leads allowed up to two connectors each)
I have just acquired a third hard-drive and I was wondering whether it is possible to add this drive as well as the others by buying a power and lead splitter and splitting them three ways. Is this possible or is the maximum a two-way split?
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  1. Sorry but two is the limit on a single IDE connector. Hovever you can buy a PCI ide controller which will give you an extra 2 connectors (4 Drives).

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  2. OK just as i thought...oh well.

    So if I buy a PCI IDE controller where do I connect it to my motherboard? How much are they? Where can I buy one?
  3. The card will pop into any free PCI slot (white colour) and connect the drives to the card. They cost about $25 - $30 online try insight on <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> this is a promise UDMA66 controller which should work ok.

    Only the insane prosper.
    Only those who prosper can judge what is sane.
  4. Don't dispair, they are not expensive, probably $25 to $50. But first make sure you have an available PCI slot on the motherboard. You just insert the controller card into an available PCI slot, and run the ribbon cable from the controller card to the new HDD. When you boot up the system will recognize the new card and the drives attached.

    You can get a PCI IDE controller card locally at CompUSA, Circuit City, Best Buy or at any PC shop. There are hundreds of places to buy over the internet like,, etc. Check out for leads and to determine which dealers are reputable and reliable.

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  5. OK thanks for the help. Does anyone know where to go to buy one from the UK because I can only find them in the US!
  6. OK found it! Thanks for all your help...
  7. have them (or did last time i checked!), cant check now as im @ work and scan is not on our wonderful list of permitted sites.... Most pc shops sell them, stay away from pcwolrld- they are a rip off (im not refering to pcworld USA here so please dont post back saying how good they are!!)

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  8. I Know How i tried it and it worked on my computer just go to this and Follow the steps hope this helps you
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