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hi guys

i just bought a new home appx 2600 sq ft and im setting up a home network . i would like some advise as to what would be the fastest wireless router with good range for my set up.
the router will be located in the basement and i would like it to be able to have a good signal upstairs on the top floor .. the reason being i want to run xbmc and wirelessly stream media on the pcs hooked up to the tv on the main and top floor .. ive been looking online and i see a few models but because im new to this im a bit overwhelmed and confused .. the routers im looking at are (dgl-4500 , DIR 655, DIR 825, WNDR4000,(LINKSYS E3000 or E3200 * E4200). do i need dual band

hope anyone can help
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  1. Your first problem is the router location: the basement is the worst location you could choose!

    The second is that second floor! It will be difficult to get a good signal throughout the home with just one router. You can try, but you may need to pick up a second access point (or just an inexpensive router) to fill in the weak area.
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