Intel i3 2100/2120 or AMD FX4100

I'm on a tight budget for under 600$ and the AMD is 20$ less. I don't know which would be better for me, I'm going to be playing games like minecraft, tf2, portal, left 4 dead, pretty much any steam game with a great sale and video rendering and encoding in After Effects and Premiere as well as web browsing and a bit of multitasking. I'm going to be using an HD 7770in the build. PLEASE HELP!:)
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  1. i3!


    Why not a Pentium G860? You can use the 7770 for rendering in Adobe!
  2. i3 > 4100
  3. How do you think the Pentium would do in everything I want to do? Would it be better overall and faster than the AMD? It wouldn't bottleneck the 7770 would it?
  4. What about the Pentium G2120? Would that be even better or... I'm only really up to date on the newest generation CPUs.
  5. G860.
  6. Now, I don't really understand hyper-threading muffin. What's it for and what does it do? I know the new intel series have the but the pentiums don't.
  7. It essentially "emulates" cores. So 1 core would emulate 2 logical cores.
  8. Won't notice a darn difference on any of the above posts. Get anything stated.
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