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Friend of mine is opening small business in the photography industry. Hes got himself top of the range camera etc.
No he is looking to get PC. That system (i suppose) needs to be fast, reliable for photo editing, multi tasking, new Corel and Photoshop.
Hes not after games or anything like that. Just wondering what configuration would you suggest.
Possibly as cheap as possible :)

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  1. In what budget range? Please fill out this form.

    I'd probably go with something like an i7 with a moderate graphics card like a 550 TI or a 6850 and 16GB of RAM, but need more info from you or him.
  2. Budget range up to £600.
    System will be used for high resolution photo editing, internet surfing and some video editing.
    Don't need keyboard, mouse and monitor.
    Since its based in UK, preferably Amazon or other shops based in England.
    No parts preferences.
    Don't really need SLI or Crossfire.

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