what would be a good ups for my computer

Corsair hx850 850 watt
asus rampage extreme iv
intel 3930k
xfx 5850
7200rpm hdd (western digital black caviar)
16gb 1600mhz ram (g skill)
60gb ocz vertex 2
lite on cd/dvd drive
7 fans total 3 from case and 3 custom fans (no led) a 1 from the cpu fan
using the corsair 800d case

i live in hawaii (if that matters)
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  1. Depends how long you want it to stay on after lights out. I'd highly recommend APC,like 650va is more than enough.
  2. Like at least 5 mins enough time for me to shutdown
  3. 400va thereabout would do.
  4. but what psu unit will work with the pcf. so that if id does short out i will be covered under the ups warranty thingy
  5. Presuming your system draws 500W and there's a power outage, a 600VA UPS will simply power off. You'll never have time to shutdown your system. Select the maximum wattage that you believe your system will draw and you'll get a list of appropriate UPS, etc. For 500W, a APC Power-Saving Back-UPS Pro 1000 will provide 6 minutes.

    If you stop applications that keep the system very busy as soon as there's a power failure, then you don't need more than 2-3 minutes. Once the system is idle, you'll have lots of time to shut it down.
  6. 500w is alot. What would he be doing with his PC?
  7. 500w is alot. What would he be doing with his PC?
  8. Why did he buy an 850W PSU?
  9. For a second 5850.
  10. allanitomwesh said:
    For a second 5850.

    Will you buy a more powerful UPS only when you add a second 5850 or will you buy one powerful enough now?
  11. If I may since I don't see it mentioned it's going to have to be a PFC compatible UPS since that PSU you have is a PFC unit.
  12. im thinking of either getting another 5850 or getting 1 gtx 680... and @orlean i need PFC compatible PSU so i can make a claim if my thing blows up while using a UPS.. I've heard people being denied because of that. especially from cyberpower.. but i was looking at some apc ones.
  13. There are inexpensive PFC compatible UPS like the CyberPower CP1350PFCLCD

    The APC SMT1000, a true sinewave UPS, is somewhat expensive unless you buy a used unit.

    I've always bought used APC Smart-UPS and I've been very happy with them.
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