A6-3670k : Improper Temperature Reading

Hello everyone,

I recently and successfully complete my very first computer build with no hiccups at all (excluding the IO Shield!!) I installed Windows 7 64 Bit just fine and figured it was time to start running some bench-mark and monitoring software to make sure everything was checking out temperature wise and speed wise.

After going through several different programs related to CPU temperature monitoring, I have been unable to successfully get a reading of my CPU Temperature or individual core temperatures reliably at the OS level. I am not the first one to have this problem with FM1 CPUs and I haven't seen a solution for others who have posted this problem. I constantly read temperatures under 10 degrees Celsius, usually 0 - 2.

My motherboard/chipset drivers should be up to date as I had to directly download them (no cd drive) from ASUS. Here are the related specs:

Motherboard: ASUS F1A55-M LX PLUS
CPU: A6-3670k Socket FM1 (No overclocking or tweaked settings)
GPU: HIS Radeon 7770 1 GB DDR5

Programs Attempted:
HWMonitor (CPUID)
AMD Overdrive (AMD)
Speccy (Priform)

My Motherboard temperature is (seemingly) read accurately at 27 degrees Celsius (how this temp is determined I'm not sure, but I get consistent readings for it).

My GPU temperature is read accurately at 30.0 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind this is the discrete card, not the APU's GPU which is disabled when a card is available.

MY CPU Temp is read incorrectly as 0-1 degrees per core and on average in each of these programs at the OS level. In UEFI BIOS idle, it is read accurately at 30 degrees Celsius. I am unsure as of what causes this. If I launch a game or something (nothing too intense but enough to put the CPU under load) AMD reads 15 degrees, which might make sense if I added 30 degrees to that to make it 45 degrees for a low-moderate load temp.

However, if I am personally not a fan of keeping in mind an offset because I don't really know if it's linear or if the offset itself is offset at different temperatures (some thermal protection equipment is highly inaccurate at lower temps, but many magnitudes more accurate at the temperature range it matters, for example).

If anyone has any ideas of what I should try to do to resolve this problem, please let me know, it will be much appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. AMD CPU's do not give temp readings for each core, but for the whole cpu.

    AMD's digital sensor no longer reports an absolute temperature value anymore, but a reading with a certain offset, which is unknown.

    It is estimated that this offset is between 10 - 15c, so yours is running around 40c, which is fairly normal for stock cooling at idle.
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