3D glases for nvidia 460gtx+optoma gt700

I would like to get 3D movies+games ( skyrim/BF3 ), which 3D glases should I buy?

my setup is:

nvidia 460GTX
proyector optoma GT700
10GB Ram
CPU don't remember, it has 4cores...
HD space = no problem.

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  1. What? 760? the last family for nvidia is 6XX and the only one model is 680! What are you talking about?
  2. einterlan said:
    What? 760? the last family for nvidia is 6XX and the only one model is 680! What are you talking about?

    ups, I mean 460
  3. i agree and if you are building a computer you should do ALOT more research as it is not ussualy wanted to only get 10GB of RAM as it wont be compatiable with dual/tri/quad channel but 8GB at 4x2GB or 2x4GB or 1x8GB and 12GB at 3x4GB or 4x3GB amounts of system RAM will be and works for the respective memory speed technology. i would suggest the the one for 1x8GB as its most likely more then you actually need. a nvidia 680GTX as 760GTX is not out yet and probably will not be out till nVidia drains all the cash from the 680GTX which they can and has something better to offer and/or AMD has a much better card again. Then lots of CPUs nowadays have 4 or more cores in them i would suggest a i5 intel CPU though as it looks like it would be the best where in the i5 series is your choice but any of them seem to be better then the i3s and most of what AMD has but not all as AMD has some good CPUs and APUs just you will have to set it up right for the profromance gains.. HDD um i suggest a thing of 2 HDDs one for the OS and another way bigger one for data and programs so the computer will run faster also the one with the OS on it being a SDD if possible SATA 3Gbps or SATA 6Gbps doesnt really matter from the benchmarks which i have seen on Toms just make sure the data HDD is big enough for your data.
    Back to your question now nVidia only has one kind of 3D glasses so why ask? just buy the ones for the nVidia card and go
  4. yumri, I'm not building a computer..... just asking what kind/model of 3D glasses should I buy to get 3D on optoma projector.....
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    if you have a nVidia card then get the nVidia glasses which work with your card they should say they work with the glasses some of the nVidia cards come with the glasses if you buy the higher end one most dont though
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  7. Thanks all.
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