Can corsair cx430 handle amd radeon 6850

[cpu-amd phenomx2 555be 3.2ghz]
[mobo-asus m4a78 lt e]
[ram-corsair 4gb 1333 value select 1stick]
[hdd-seagate 7200rpm sata]
[hp dvd rw]
[intex cabinet]
[cheapest circle brand psu]
i m planning to buy a msi r6850cyclone pe-ii graphics card
in actualy i hve my bugdet problem
so plz suggest me for wat psu i purchase?
Is corsair cx430 more than enough for my pc's rig?
[Purpose-gaming,designin and animation work]
thnx a lot in advnce
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  1. I would not say that cx430 is more than enough, but it is good enough for it, you will not run into problems corsair cx430 is a very good psu and can handle a little more than 500w so it is ok for your system.
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