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Hey Guys,

Yesterday a storm rolled in, and it winded up frying my $1,600 build I built last November. Although I had surge protection on the outlet, it got it via ethernet. There was a surge on the telephone wire, which went to my router/modem (destroying them), and then frying my motherboard.

The router was connected to my computer via ethernet. The surge destroyed my modem, router, and fried my motherboard. I had my motherboard's built-in audio connected to my stereo, and my good pair of headphones connected to my stereo. I did hear a huge "POP" noise when the surge hit my headphones. However, it left my stereo and headphones unharmed (THANK GOD!)

Now, I'm unsure if it just fried the motherboard, or everything connected to the motherboard. I know - for sure - the power supply is fine (I tested it on another computer). I'm also sure the motherboard is fried - as I tried another fully working PSU. Couldn't even get a light on. It's done.

I tested a hard drive on the computer and got it to spin. This gives me some hope.

Does anybody have any previous experience on something like this? Did it just destroy your motherboard, or did it take everything with it?

Does Gigabyte's warranty cover this type of damage?

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  1. No to gigabyte. Chances are if you heard the "pop" a normal inspection will reveal damage that they won't cover. Your experience is one good reason to go wireless for the modem and router.
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