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is there a way to rename my user profile in windows 7? I purchased it new couple of days ago and it has the store name for user profile, the computer never came with any cd's for installation or recovery, there was a popup that came up and asked me if i wanted to make recovery cd's i tried that process failed wasted 6 dvd's. i live 1.5 hours from store or i would return it. thanks
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  1. Control Panel/User Accounts and Family Safety/User Accounts/Change your Windows Password/Change your account name.

    The "Change your Windows password" is a bit misleading as it does more than just the password.
  2. i'll try that thank you any suggestions on how to make an installation cd.
  3. That will depend on the PC. I'd ask the shop, or see if the manufacturer can help (though they may charge).
  4. You really need to go back to the shop and get a copy of the installation CD from them. I'd never buy a computer unless it included one.

    Don't forget that what's even more important than the CD is the Windows license key. Without that, the disc is pretty much useless.

    If the store can't supply you with a disc and license key, then it seems to me like there might be something fishy going on...
  5. i got a friend to pick me up another computer and then returned the other one the second one let me make the recovery cd's thank you all for your help i was not online for a while as i was reinstalling everything on my new pc so far i like windows 7. i think this site is a wonderful site very helpful
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