PSU Fault or GPU Fault?

Hi guys, recently I just finsihed building my new rig and here is my list of specs

Mobo: Asrock extreme 4
CPU: i5-3570k
Heatsink: Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo
GPU: Asus Gtx 560
Ram: Gskill 1600 8GB (4 gb x 2)
SSD: Samsung 830 128Gb
HDD: WD Blue 1 TB
PSU: Corsair GS600 V2

I'm kind of a newbie to this so please bear with me. Firstly, everything was going well from assembling, installing the OS and updating all required drivers and BIOS. I ran Primer95+ for a good hour and no failures also did a memtest for my ram with no errors. However when I play games my computer restarted within 5 minutes of playing. So I went forum surfing and read somewhere about stress testing my GPU and I found a program called OCCT. On the default settings of my GTX560 on a stress test it will cause a computer restart within 2 minutes of doing the stress test. So I was convinced it was a GPU fault right? But what confuses me is, when I did the stress test for the GPU, my PSU makes a rattling noise also the fan on the PSU doesn't spin. However I have read that the new version Gs600 will not spin its fan unless the psu goes to a certain temperature, can anyone verify that for me please?

So right now Im stuck and dont know which part is faulty and its doing my head in! Any Help will be greatly Appreciated! Thanks guys
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  1. There is no BSOD or any notice of it happening. The computer just decides to restart, I updated the GPU with the lastest drive as for temps, I was monitoring it when I did the GPU stress tests, it was going to around no higher than 55 C before the computer decides to restart.
  2. Hello doko , i'am not an expect but i just bought my Corsair gs600 v2 and i noticed that the power supply got hot and the fan was not running. So the next day when i went to return it to the store, the tech guy told me that the gs series adjusts the fan to run at a certain temperture, while the hx series spins the fan all the time.

    But i was not sure so i googled it and found that it could be the truth and when i contacted corsair they told me that it's how the series is designed.
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