Tablet dropped on CPU heat sink

Hey my tablet just slipped through the back of my desk and landed around the area of my PC, I suspect it hit the heat sink because it is the part which sticks out the furthest.

When it hit it my computer switched off, I booted back up and quickly opened Core Temp to make sure my heat sink was still making good contact with the CPU and the temps was ok but when I attempted to open my GPU temp monitor it kept loading (spinning wheel, I then tried to open google chrome and that didn't open either. I opened task manager and closed the processes. I tried opening a different program which wasn't running when the accident happened and that didn't open either and prevented any control. I then tried logging out using ctrl, alt del in case something loaded wrong and it froze while logging out. I restarted into safe mode and it seemed ok, then rebooted and now it seems fine (writing this off my PC using Chrome)... i'm worried if I've damaged something now.

Do you think I'll be ok? I decided to refit my side panel to prevent future accidents lol.

The computer is actually getting really old (about 5 years old now? and I have detected minor signs bit rot in some segments (video files are starting to loose some data "like missing a few seconds of playback" but they was old files I haven't used for years)

I upgraded the CPU and GPU recently (about 4 months ago?) and fitted low end 2x2gb sticks a few years ago, still using the original HDD etc.

Computer is the Acer SA90

CPU- Pent E2160, to Core 2 Duo E6700
HS- Standard with OEM cooler master 212 evo paste
Mobo is using 3rd party chipset... erm FX/DX/MX 671?
GPU- 128mb HD 2400 pro, to 1GB Low profile HD 6450
Ram - 1GB, to 4GB DDR2 333.4mhz "667" (motherboard limit 3gb, 64bit linux also detected 3gb)
PSU- 5y/o OEM 250watt
HDD- 5y/o OEM 250gb
OS- 32bit Vista home premium

I doubt I have a problem now but I'd rather see what people think and be safe.

I do have a sandy bridge based system but I'm waiting for an RMA on my motherboard... so no system upgrade recommendations! I know it's a terrible PC haha :P

Thank you.
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  1. Oh just a quick side question, why does it say in my device manager that I still have the E2160 @ 1.8ghz installed, on my system information it says that I have the 6700 @ 2.66ghz. lol... I tried refreshing it and that doesn't work. It's detected my HD 6450 ok and I added that after the new processor.

    Thanks again!
  2. yes... more crashes... I'm currently working on a law suit (or compensation claim in the UK) and I can't be doing with this crap! lol

    One was when I was trying to use windows movie maker to cut and reduce the size of a video file to send off as evidence (it stopped after I closed my background processes, before it crashed when I tried putting my video file into windows movie maker) and another was caused by changing files names and managing pictures/folders which caused windows explorer to crash (luckily it didn't undo my work lol) and closed my monitoring software.

    Could this be caused by an instant shut down and impact of the heat sink? or is my HDD starting to fail maybe? I haven't done anything on this computer for the last few years apart from gaming off my external HDD, web browsing and using it as a media center (most media playback is from an external HDD).

    The computer is powered up 24/7 most of the time... up until I got my new PC which had a motherboard failure after a few months of use and about 4 weeks ago (I should get the part back this week though).
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    Problems like these are always hard to definitively answer, but hardware damage is well within the realm of possibility.

    If you have the OS install CDs you could try reinstalling Windows. That might get it to detect the correct processor and to fix some of the other weird stuff going on.

    If the PC is 5 years old, any number of hardware failures could be starting to rear their ugly heads. Hard drives often only make it about that long, as you mentioned.
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