Cheapest/most reliable 4 PCIE SLI powersupply

I need a PSU that can get me 4 PCIE plugs to power two GTX 460's, so I'm going to need about 600-650ws.

Can you guys give me some modern PSU's that can give me that? Some of the older threads of this with the same question have 'out of stock' answers.

What I need:

4 PCI'es, if its not modular, but HAS 4 PCIE thats fine.
Black finish preferably
Sleved cables
Preferably 50-75$
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  1. Just go on Newegg and look for a PSU with the wattage you are looking for that has awards from either Hardware Secrets or JohnnyGuru listed next to the PSU. You don't even have to go into each individual PSU to see these, they are right there in the search results.

    Whichever one you find in stock that fits your requirements, get it and it will be a good one.
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