CPU and Motherboard's temperature is constant

Hi guys just wanna ask what are the possible problems causing your CPU & motherboard temperature is constant?

i just cleaned my desktop in and out to remove dust from all of it and when i assembled it all again the CPU and the motherboard temperature become constant whenever i opened my computer to check the temperature of the CPU and the motherboard in the BIOS it will be the temperature for the whole time that i opened my computer and when i try to turn it off and turn it on again the temperature began to change it is again constant. i tried to run prime 95 and nothing changes.. is this bad for my computer?? hope you guys can help me.
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  1. What are your temps?
    What are your coolers?
    Are you overclocking?
  2. CPU Temps is 36 C and constant
    core 1 29 C
    core 2 29 C
    core 3 29 C
    MOBO temp is 27 C and constant

    im not overclocking and still got the stock heatsink from my amd athlon II x3 450
  3. Its not bad for the computer just not possible unless the CPU is not doing anything. Try a different program to check the temps.
  4. i tried other softwares like hwmonitor,and speed fan cpu temperature still constant..i
  5. Do a restart, restart fixes alot of problems(if you use windows as your main OS) by reloading all of the kernel. That should fix those software tempgauges aswell.
    Good luck!

    This problem happens to my old almost 9 year-old laptop. Whilst having windows 7 installed it stopped the fan from spinning and tempgauges were locked when my computer went to sleep or hibernate(everything works with cold boot and restart).
    Gets worse with windows 8, by skipping some steps in driver relaoding in kernel, the boot speed is amazing(like 7-10 secs with an old 120gb 7200rpm hdd), but the drawback is obvious, the fan stops, tempgauges aswell. It's not overheating or anything, just running hotter than usual. Plus the added bonus of a silent computer is awesome :)
  6. i tried to restart my computer and still the same..the temperatures are still constant..
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