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Gtx550 ti sc gaming

Hello, I am looking to upgrade my current video card (9500gt 512mb :lol: ) to the gtx550 ti sc (EVGA GTX 550 Ti SC 1GB). I was wondering if any one knows if this will be able to run games (more specifically black ops) at 1920x1080, or similar resolution. (I do not really need AA, and will probably run without it, but if it still gets decent fps with it then that's good..)

12gb ddr3- 10600 ram
intel i3 @2.93

300 watt psu (will be upgrading to a 400 or 450 when I get the card)

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    550Ti will be fine with the likes of Black Ops at that res, do you have a set budget?
  2. Yes, about 150 for the video card and 30-40 for the psu. Also thanks for the info.
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    Thanks for this one also.
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